University of Pittsburgh




School of Medicine Counselor
Lee Wolfson, M.Ed
3520 Fifth Avenue, Lower Level, Room 001
Pittsburgh, PA
PHONE (412‐624‐1041)

The Counseling Program at the School of Medicine was started in 1980 and offers medical students evaluation, treatment and referral for a wide range of psychological needs. The program is dedicated to maintaining healthy and confident students and is both free of charge and highly confidential. A student using the program can be assured that no information shared in counseling is ever available to others without expressed permission of the student. Medical training is an exciting but sometimes stressful process. Students may experience depression, anxiety, loss of confidence, sleep difficulties, relationship problems, eating problems, substance abuse, etc. These difficulties can interfere with academic performance and this often increases distress. It is hoped that if any such problems arise, students will contact the counseling program as soon as possible to avoid more serious problems from developing.

Lee Wolfson, M.Ed. is the medical school psychologist. His office is located at 3520 Fifth Avenue, a short walking distance from Scaife Hall and he can be reached at 624‐1041.  Mr. Wolfson meets with students by appointment only. He can also be reached via e‐mail at

Confidential Stress and Depression Questionnaire