Career and Residency Advising

Welcome to PittMed Advising!

As you progress through medical school, you will experience advising and mentorship from multiple faculty members. These will include your individual FAST faculty advisor and advisory dean (AD) as well as other faculty you may connect with throughout your pre-clinical and clinical years. 


Advocacy - Guidance - Mentorship

The Office of Student Affairs provides longitudinal and individualized advising focused on:

  • Strategies for Success
  • Career Planning and Residency Match
  • Optimal Use of Enrichment Programs
  • Professional and Personal Development

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Within the structured advisory system, you will have the following:

  • Advisory Dean: You will be assigned to one of seven advisory deans who will provide support, advocacy, mentorship, and advice throughout all four years of medical school. 
  • First year FAST group: In addition, for your first-year transition process, you will be assigned to a Faculty and Students Together (FAST) group. This group consists of 4-5 first-year students, 2 second-year FAST advisors, 1-2 third-year FAST advisors, 1-2 fourth-year FAST advisors, and a clinical faculty FAST advisor. Their purpose is to help you with your transition to medical school and entry into the profession of medicine. 

You will also have an opportunity to get to know your faculty advisors outside of the medical environment and see what their lives are like and how they balance their choices.

You will continue to have regular meetings with your AD, both group and individual, throughout your medical school years. Your AD will serve as your advisor, mentor, and advocate, and will help provide information, feedback, and reflection regarding your academics, longitudinal research project, Areas of Concentration, other extracurricular activities, life balancing, and your personal and professional growth. They will have no role in making promotion or evaluation decisions. 

Your AD will also help you optimize your third- and fourth-year schedules and will be available to counsel you in all aspects of your career aspirations, applications for residency, and the match process.

We are all committed to your success at our medical school!

Dr. Harvey and all the Advisory Deans

Drs. Gonzaga, Hamad, Losee, McIntire, McIntyre-Seltman, Suyama, Van Deusen, and Ufomata