Who Should I Contact?

Students often wonder where to go to deal with a particular issue they’re having. USPOM is divided up mainly into the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) and the Office of Medical Education (OMED), which work together very closely to meet student needs. Here, we outline which office does what, so if you have an issue, you know where to go. If you’re not sure, just ask!

For Emergencies:

During Office Hours: please call Student Affairs 412-648-9040 or OMED 412-648-8714

After 5:00 PM and on weekends: please call 412-648-7622

Office of Student Affairs (OSA)

Primary Contacts: studentaffairs@medschool.pitt.edu

Area  Contact
Student Groups/ SEC
Erika Keough: ejm38@pitt.edu
Student Advising studentaffairs@medschool.pitt.edu
Diversity and Inclusion diversityaffairs@medschool.pitt.edu
Student Promotions Dr. Alda Maria Gonzaga: argst12@pitt.edu
Scheduling, Lottery, Registrar Registration Team: somregistrar@pitt.edu
Leave of Absence (LOA) Dr. Alda Maria Gonzaga: argst12@pitt.edu
Health Insurance studentaffairs@medschool.pitt.edu
Wellness and Mental Health Dr. Alda Maria Gonzaga: argst12@pitt.edu
International Travel Dr. Peter Veldkamp: veldkamppeter@pitt.edu
Away Electives Registration Team: somregistrar@pitt.edu
Immunizations and Clearances Heath Lettich: hnl20@pitt.edu
UPMC IMS Accounts Heath Lettich: hnl20@pitt.edu
UPMC Badges Heath Lettich: hnl20@pitt.edu
Career Counseling, Shadowing Your Advisory Dean, Department or Interest Group Faculty
Residency/ Match Your Advisory Dean
Match Logistics somregistrar@pitt.edu
Letters of Good Standing studentaffairs@medschool.pitt.edu
Student Research Suzann Beardsley: suzann@pitt.edu
Coaching Program Dr. Suzi Templer: templers@pitt.edu


Office of Medical Education (OMED)

Primary Contact: Christine Bewszka (clb223@pitt.edu)

Area Contact
Curriculum/Attendance MS1-MS2: Dr. Cynthia Lance - Jones: clancej@pitt.edu
MS3-MS4: Dr. Raquel Buranosky: raq@pitt.edu
Grades/Assessment/NBME MS1-MS2: Dr. Cynthia Lance - Jones: clancej@pitt.edu
MS3-MS4: Dr. Raquel Buranosky: raq@pitt.edu
Accreditation Greg Null: grn18@pitt.edu
Student Surveys Bilge Civi: bbc15@pitt.edu
Facilities/Space/Rooms Michelle Sergent: mls124@pitt.edu or Katie Maietta: krm58@pitt.edu
Academic Support/Disabilities Services Laura Jeannerette: laj38@pitt.edu
Standardized Patients Dr. Reed Van Deusen: rwv3@pitt.edu
Course/Faculty Support Christine Bewszka: clb223@pitt.edu
Navigator/Educational Technology Lab for Educational Technology: labedu@pitt.edu


Office of the Learning Environment (OLE)

Area Contact
Medical Student Learning Environment Concerns Dr. Evelyn Reis: reise@pitt.edu
Graduate Student Learning Environment Concerns Dr. Wendy Mars: wmars@pitt.edu
Administrative Inquiries Kathy Scott: kmscott@pitt.edu
General Email ole@pitt.edu