IMPORTANT: If you develop symptoms concerning for COVID -OR- are exposed to COVID, please contact Dr. Gonzaga ( and Dr. Lance-Jones ( if you are MS1-2 OR Dr. Buranosky ( if you are MS3-4. 

COVID symptoms if fully vaccinated:

  • Quarantine and get COVID PCR test ASAP (easiest to go to Student Health!)
  • If COVID test is negative AND symptoms are improved, then may return to in-person activities

COVID exposure if fully vaccinated:

  • No quarantine required if asymptomatic (regardless of COVID variant)
    • Must wear mask 100% of the time (cannot pull down to drink anything, cannot eat around others)
    • Should get COVID PCR test 3-5 days after last known exposure to individual with COVID
    • Consider retest 10 days after last known exposure
      • this is not required, but students can consider if they had a very high risk exposure (like roommate or household contact) 
  • Should quarantine if have symptoms.
    • Get COVID-PCR test ASAP

COVID exposure or symptoms if unvaccinated:

  • Quarantine of 10-14 days depending on their test results at day 5 and symptoms
  • Will be managed by Student Health

COVID positive test in any student (regardless of vaccination status):

  • Isolate for 10 days if not immunocompromised, as long as fevers have resolved and symptoms are improving (managed by student health)


To be cleared to return to courses/rotations for MS1-MS2s:

  1. Call Student Health (412-383-1800) to confirm you are cleared to return
  2. Email Dr. Cynthia Lance-Jones ( and Dr. Alda Maria Gonzaga ( from Student Affairs

To be cleared to return to courses/rotations for MS3-MS4s:

  1. Call Student Health to confirm you are cleared to return
  2. Email Dr. Raquel Buranosky ( and Dr. Alda Maria Gonzaga ( from Student Affairs