Current Students

Medical Student Portal

Navigator is the information portal for medical students at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

Medical Student Handbook

The Office of Student Affairs disseminates information regarding academic policies and procedures, student services, student wellness, and much more through the Student Handbook.

Learning Environment

The School of Medicine has established procedures to promote a positive learning environment, including expectations for professional behavior by and toward medical students. 

Career and Residency Advising

One of the most important missions at our medical school is to provide an advisory system which is comprehensive, flexible, individualized, and focused on student success. The Advisory Dean Program and the first year FAST System are run through the Office of Student Affairs.


Navigator is a portal page providing links to a variety of topics—or get to them directly using the links below.

Research and Enrichment Opportunities

Many Enrichment Programs are offered, including Research Opportunities, Areas of Concentration, Dual Degrees, Year-off Fellowships, Community Service Learning, Global Health, and Public Health.   

Student Services

Student services are listed in the Student Handbook and include Student Health and Wellness, Financial Aid, Disability, and Counseling Services, among others.

Student Governance and Activities

Check out the Student Executive Council (SEC), the Specialty Interest Groups and student activities, as well as Student Life in Pittsburgh.

Campus Safety

The University of Pittsburgh is committed to providing all students with a safe and secure learning environment.