Areas of Concentration

The Area of Concentration (AOC) program provides an opportunity for students to pursue in-depth an area of personal interest during their four years of medical school. This is accomplished with a series of longitudinal elective experiences that supplement the required core curriculum. These para-curricular education tracks provide an opportunity for interested students to explore a potential career plan and uniquely enhance their medical education. The knowledge, skills, and attitudes gained from participating in an AOC will allow students to participate in the education of fellow classmates and develop a specialized expertise.

Because of the intensity of study, the School of Medicine recognizes successful completion of the program by granting a certificate. Project work on an AOC topic may be applied toward fulfilling the requirements of both the AOC and the required scholarly project.

Each AOC draws from the following core elements:

  1. Content and didactic material, including journal clubs, literature review, national meeting participation, syllabus, and reading lists
  2. Faculty mentorship
  3. Experiential component
  4. Preparation of a scholarly project, often including presentation at a local or national forum
  5. Evaluation of student participants

Explore the links below for more information about specific area of concentration programs and other longitudinal programs for medical students. Then complete the AOC Application Form.

Areas of Concentration

Longitudinal Programs